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Can I bring my telephone number from my current provider?

Can I keep my existing telephone number?

When switching your telephone service to Hyperoptic you can keep your existing telephone number that you are currently allocated by your current provider.  The process is known as ‘Porting’.

The Porting Process

When transferring your telephone number from another provider, both accounts need to be active throughout the process in order for the process to be completed successfully.

You will need to complete the form from your Hyperoptic ‘My Account’ and submit it.  Once we receive your request we submit the request to the porting agency who will then liaise directly with your current provider to agree a date that they will release your current telephone number.

Once your current provider has released the telephone number we will be notified and we will then be in contact via email with you.


The length of time this takes will vary, depending on the services that you have, but on average the process takes around 15 working days to complete. In some instances it can take longer, and in these cases please bear with us as the process completes.

Please note:  Any delays caused once we have submitted the request to the porting agency are not something that Hyperoptic can control.  We do however work closely with the agencies involved to ensure the process is a seamless as possible.

In the meantime……

Until your number is ported across to us you do have the ability to use your existing landline number (on your account from your old provider) and/or the new one that you were provided by Hyperoptic when you set up your account.  Please be aware any calls that are made through either provider may incur a charge as they will be subject to standard call charges.

Porting Checklist

  • Active Current Service Provider Account
  • Active Hyperoptic Account
  • Submitted Porting Request

Important Information

If you cancel your service with your current provider before the porting process is complete they may reallocate your telephone number which will mean that the telephone number will not be able to be switched between providers. This could mean that you lose your number and may be unable to re-acquire it.  During the switching process you will need to pay for both services until the process is complete.

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