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What is the difference between 100Mb and 1Gb broadband speeds? Do I need it?

Our 1Gb broadband is 10x faster than 100Mb, both upload and downloads. This is particularly suitable for customers that download lots of large files. On our 1Gb package, you can download a HD movie (5.2GB) in 47seconds compared to 8 minutes on 100Mb. The difference is even more pronounced when downloading 4K movies (100GB) or video games (50GB).

When selecting your broadband speed, you should consider the number of people in your home and devices that will be connected. Your broadband speed is shared between the devices connected in your home. It’s not unusual for one person to be on the phone, laptop/iPad and streaming TV all at the same time. Your online experience might be slower than you’d like when you start sharing your 100Mb connection with multiple people and devices. 

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