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Logging into your HyperHub

If you need help with one of our other routers, please call our support team on 033 332 1111 (option 3).   Our HyperHub router are pre-configured so you can plug it in and get started immediately. If you are an advanced users, you can also manually adjust settings by logging into your router. Please exercise caution as altering some fields incorrectly may cause disruption to your service. Commonly changed settings are WiFi name (SSID) and password and changing wireless channels

    1. Connect your computer/laptop.
      Make sure you are connected to your Hyperoptic internet connection using either your wired or wireless connection. For help go to wired and wireless connection help and advice.
    1. Logging into your HyperHub Settings. 
      Open your internet browser and enter in the address box, exactly as written. You will see the router log in screen load, enter your user credentials found at the back of the HyperHub.
      UserName: XXXXX
      UserPass: XXXXX
  1. Change the settings you require.
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