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Connecting a non-Hyperoptic router

You can choose to use your own route however our services and support may be limited.

  • Our phone works through our router so if you change the router you would lose the ability to use your phone, if you have phone service, or are interested in phone service in the future.
  • Our tech team are trained on the operation of the routers Hyperoptic supply, we may only be able to offer limited support on third party routers.
  • You would need to use a router that accepts an Ethernet connection (ADSL routers are not compatible).
For our 1Gig fibre broadband customers no specific configuration are required.


If you are a 20 Mb, or a 100Mb customer your router needs to support /31 ( subnet mask on its WAN port in order for the router to work with Hyperoptic.


Hyperoptic DNS servers are and, although you can use your own DNS settings here if required.


If you wish to use your router in addition with the router provided by Hyperoptic, you can using following steps:
  1. Connect your router’s LAN port to the LAN port of our router
  2. Disable DHCP service on your router
  3. Disable Wireless signal on the Hyperoptic device (or call us and we can disable it for you, if you only want the 3rd party router broadcasting a wireless signal)
By using this method you will be able to use our phone services and use your router to connect to our broadband services.
If you have any trouble setting this up, or you need your IP details, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0333 332 1111.
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